Native businessmen are playing their role towards nation’s development, said Jharkhand CM Raghubar Das

Ranchi, August 12: Appreciating businessmen for the role they play in the development of the nation, Chief Minister Raghubar Das today said that only a few traders do gimmicks in their business. He however said that most of the businessmen want to do work honestly.    Furthermore, he added that GST is a good law and it may take some time for people to understand it. Speaking at a workshop on GST organized at Project Building, he elaborated, “There is a parallel black money economy ..

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A Matter Of National Expediency:  Exploring A ‘Hindu State’

In the words of Mr Irving Wallace, well-known English novelist, ‘…the tragedy of the nation is not a wrong action by bad people, but the silence of the good!’ India foots the bill as at present. Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi is trying to retrieve the great fall of the society in India since he is the first Prime Minister, perhaps after Pt.Nehru , who has an unprecedented vision of a strong society and a replenished vigorous nation a ‘ new India’ or a ‘Naya Bharat’ set before him with his ..

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"Modi, Muslims and Media" - A great book for posterity, history and justice

“Modi, Muslims and Media, Voices from Narendra Modi’s Gujarat”, is an honest search of a perceptive journalist, sociologist and a sensible feminist. ..

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